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URE Lancia Y '97-'00 1.2 i.e. 16V/1.2 i.e. 16V (AC) Starter Motor

URE Lancia Y '97-'00 1.2 i.e. 16V/1.2 i.e. 16V (AC) Starter Motor
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This is a Lancia Y 1.2 i.e. 16V/1.2 i.e. 16V (with air conditioning) (1997-2000) starter motor manufactured by Universal Rotating Electrics.

A modern starter motor works when current from the battery is applied to the solenoid, when the ignition key is turned.  This then pushes out the drive pinion to mesh with the flywheel ring gear and this turns the engine.

To fit your new starter you will first need to disconnect your battery.  Remove the two bolts that hold the starter motor to the bellhousing and then remove the wires from the terminals at the back of your old starter (making sure you remember where the wires go).  Replace old starter motor with new starter motor.  To re-fit, follow instruction in reverse.

Note: If your vehicle is fitted with an electronic engine management system this may need resetting once the battery has been reconnected.  If you are unsure ALWAYS check with the manufacturer of the vehicle before proceeding.

This product has a 1 year guarantee.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Bench Tested
  • New Unit
  • Improved Starting

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 04 June, 2011.
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